Join us for a thought-leading one-day online event, hear from reality technology experts, and learn how to:

  • Understand and recognise the potential of the full suite of immersive technologies: AR, VR, and MR

  • Optimise your operations and practices through the utilisation of immersive technology solutions

  • Reduce operational expenditure, lower risk, and increase training capabilities through VR

  • Maintain your operational technology through remote visualisation

  • Change cultures to be more responsive to augmented reality solutions, particularly in logistics

  • Improve your core operations, and address H&S, compliance, and risk

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9th April 2019

Optimise your operations, utilising the full site of immersive technologies: AR, VR and MR  


Mark Sage, Executive Director, AR for Enterprise Alliance

Mark is a seasoned Executive Director, product, marketing and business developer having worked with various global associations, large and startup companies. AR for Enterprise Alliance (AREA)
is the only global member-based organization focusing on accelerating adoption of Augmented Reality in enterprise.


11:00 GMT+1

Improving efficiency through augmented reality
Mark Sage, AREA

13:00 GMT+1

How do immersive technologies apply to the oil and gas industry?
Jean-Baptiste De La Rivière, Immersion


Immersive technologies in oil and gas


Jean-Baptiste de la Rivière, Director of R&D, Immersion

Immersion SAS is the European expert in innovative, immersive and collaborative 3D technologies. Immersion develops and integrates high-end display systems and interaction devices for collaboration around 3D mockups. Our multidisciplinary team assists our customers in their innovation process, from the extensive analysis of their needs to the maintenance of their solutions.