Companies across all parts of the oil and gas supply chain are designing IoT connectivity into their products, adding IoT capabilities to existing machinery, and processing data to enable more informed decision making.

In our new three-day event, Oil & Gas IQ are bringing together hundreds of oil and gas professionals who want to learn how to implement IIoT strategies, and with whom they should collaborate in order to create a future-ready environment that their company can be proud of. 

With an ever-growing network of devices that can connect, communicate, and transfer vast amounts of data, this age of reduced connectivity costs and high volumes of data is giving rise to new opportunities. 

The industry is undergoing a new industrial revolution


28th May 2019

12:00 BST

Lifi to enable IIoT for the oil and gas industry
Farid Bichareh, CTO, AASA

29th May 2019

Business outcomes of IIoT
Roger Richardson, Commercial Director, Corlina

12:00 BST

Delivering IIoT benefits at scale

Philip Griffiths, Head of EMEA Partnerships, NetFoundry

14:00 BST

Oil & Gas IQ, a division of IQPC
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May 28-30 2019

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30th May 2019